Global Project Management Survey

Cultural, Individual and Organizational Competence in Project Management

Why is this survey important?

Weitere Informationen und FragebogenDoing business in projects can barely be considered a novelty, but it is the "projectification" of organizational work and the accompanying change in organizations that strengthens the need for further analysis. Project work requires different approaches and working procedures than non-project organizational work. For companies undertaking projects it is thus crucial to incorporate practices suitable for this type of organizational work. These competencies could represent critical success factors in persisting on global markets with fast changing demands and the resulting need for flexibility.

What this survey seeks to answer:

  • Which competencies does an organization need in order to manage projects successfully?
  • What kind of leadership must be displayed in order to successfully motivate people to work in projects?
  • What influences the effectiveness of these competencies?

Besides external factors to be evaluated, it is also the consideration of different culturemotivated approaches and working styles in projects, which eventually helps us to understand the vital factors in doing projects successfully. Therefore, the objective of this research is to get a picture of the overall status, cause-and-effect relationships, and success factors of project management in organizations.

Who should participate?

  • Companies of all industries and sizes are welcome to participate in this survey.
  • The survey is designed for employees working in and with projects, either full-time, parttime or occasionally.
  • Since the objective of this research is to analyze the link between organizational characteristics and project work in one company, the survey is not designed for consultants participating in an external company project.

What is the participants benefit?

Participants of the survey will receive the survey report free of charge. The report contains:

  • Success factors of project management as gathered on an international, inter-company and cross-industry basis
  • Comparison of success factors across the participating industries
  • Comparison of success factors across project types
  • Benchmarks of the participating industries
  • Relations between national and organizational culture and project management.