Theory Meets Practice in Projects

Stephen Rietiker, Reinhard Wagner (Eds.)

1st Edition, 2014
376 pages, 53 figures, 24 tables, ISBN: 978-3-924841-67-6

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Most practitioners and researchers operate within their established networks and attend the events dedicated to their discipline and role. There is not much integration, neither on personal nor on organization level. In this book, practitioners and scientists demonstrate how researching together, working together and learning from each other can be done to advance project management. Different lenses and perspectives come into play, offering alternative positions and approaches, thus opening up the potential to develop something new together and to gain an improved level of understanding. The book tells the story and provides the results of the research program “theory meets practice in projects” between 2010 and 2013. It highlights foundations and relevance of theories for project work, gives insights into linking theory and practice and provides new perspectives. The content is complemented by further chapters covering application of theories in managing projects and by a set of related studies.

About the editors

Stephen Rietiker
Stephen Rietiker is managing partner of the Swiss-based consulting firm november ag. He supports organizations in optimizing their project management. He is head of the GPM/spm special interest group “New perspectives in project work”. As event manager he was responsible for the GPM research conferences 2011-2012 and for the 1st IPMA research conference 2013. Avocationally he is engaged as lecturer for project portfolio management, for building organizational competence in project management and for context competencies at several Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. He has authored a textbook on creating a “project-friendly” environment in organizations. He has written over two dozen articles and conference papers on organizational development topics related to project work.

Reinhard Wagner
Reinhard Wagner is elected President of the IPMA International Project Management Association, Chairman of the Executive Board of GPM German Project Management Association and Founder of Projektivisten GmbH. Based on nearly thirty years of project related work and leadership experience, mainly in the Automotive Industry, he is intensively engaged in the development of the project management discipline.
For example, from 2007 until 2012, he acted as working group convenor for the development of ISO 21500 Guidance on project management. Since 2014, he acts as convenor for the development of ISO 21504 Guidance on programme management.
Reinhard Wagner teaches project management at different Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. He has published more than 150 books and articles in the field of project management.

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