Advanced Project Management (Vol. 4)

Flexibility and Innovative Capacity (eng.)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Wald, Reinhard Wagner, Christoph Schneider, Michael Gschwendtner (Hrsg.)

GPM Buchreihe Forschung, 2015
236 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-924841-72-0

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The book series “Advanced Project Management” focuses on currently insufficiently analysed or even disregarded topics in project management research and practice. The series aims at practitioners, researchers as well as students. The close relation of academic research and practice is also reflected by the editorial team, which is constituted by researchers in the field of project management as well as experienced practitioners.

The present book focuses on the long-term objectives which ought to be realized by the use of projects beyond the pure individual project goals. Within this context, two main topic areas have been identified: Flexibility and Innovative Capacity. First, we will investigate of how projects enable flexibility and which kind of project organisation is suited to enhance flexibility. Second, we will consider the role of projects and project management for the organisational innovative capacity. For answering these questions, leading practitioners and scholars in the field of project management were invited to provide their expertise and knowledge on selected aspects of the two topic areas.

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