Advanced Project Management (Vol. 2)

Leadership | Organization | Social Processes
Ronald Gleich, Thomas-Ludwig Mayer, Reinhard Wagner, Andreas Wald (Hrsg.)

In englischer Sprache.

GPM Buchreihe Forschung, 2010
ISBN 978-3-924841-53-9

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Projects differ significantly from permanent organizational structures and processes.
This difference has led to the development of tools, standards and procedures for the management of single projects as well as project portfolios and programs. So far, theoretically driven and empirically oriented research has covered many challenges and developments in project management practice.
However, a number of important aspects of projects and temporary organizations are still underrepresented in research. The book series Advanced Project Management focuses on these neglected topics with the aim of linking theory and practice. The second volume addresses the issues of organization, leadership and social processes in the context of project management. It comprises contributions of leading researchers and experienced practitioners.

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