Turnaround project management (event in eng.)

How to deal with projects in a critical state

Der Termin liegt in der Vergangenheit.

Eine Veranstaltung der GPM Region Dortmund/Ruhrgebiet

Project driven organizations are nowadays common practice, and projects in every industry have an increasing number of IT digitalization aspects. Initial planning is based on prior experience, but newer external influences or other impediments can create critical situations and a demand for turnaround. This workshop will provide help to overcome the crisis.

Turnaround project management requires effective planning, agile decision-making and actions in complex and sometimes puzzling situations. We propose applying more knowledge from management and business administration, economic theories and other sciences.

We will take an in-depth look at typical problem situations, problem solving techniques and helpful skills from a wide array of professions and academic backgrounds. The results will be presented in a matrix.


  • Highly interactive behavioral and multicultural training

  • The Pareto principle

  • Tools, know-how and practices for analyzing and planning (top down and bottom up)

  • Business case und costing issues e.g. cost of equipment and opportunity cost

  • Common impediments, coaching, sparring, pair programming, other sciences to apply

  • Mind-mapping and formal presentation combined for precise, flexible and agile analysis

Target audience

  • Project managers and project team members

  • Project management offices

  • Managers and board members at all levels


  • Keynote, group discussion (morning session)

  • Interactive workshop with breakouts (afternoon session)


  9:45    pls. dial in
10:00    start main session
10:15    keynote
10:45    introducing workshop members
11:15    explaining workshop methodology
12:00    break

12:45    pls. call in
13:00    breakout session start of 3 working groups

13:45    break
14:00    documentation of working group results
14:45    break
15:00    presentation of working group results
15:45    break

16:00    merging breakout results
16:45    feedbacks
17:00    end of call

Speaker / Chair / breakout sessions

  • Keynote speaker Diplom-Kaufmann Dr. Dirk Brinkkoetter, Lead Business Consultant, msg nexinsure ag location Munich, holds a doctoral degree in business informatics (1987)

  • Chair M.Sc..Ferry-Michael Brendgens, Associate Business Consultant, msg systems ag Munich, specialized in agile practices in organizational settings, master`s degree in International Strategic Management

  • Co-Chair BBA Leonie Knoche, Master’s student in European Project Management

Diplom-Kaufmann Dr. Dirk Brinkkoetter, Lead Business Consultant, msg nexinsure ag, location Munich. Since 1984 he has been working in large international projects across a range of sectors, especially in insurance companies as a consultant for IT, management, business, as well as project and team leader, software engineer or business analyst/architect. Before joining msg group in 1993 he taught software engineering at the University of Regensburg. He is an expert in computer-based project und process planning, ITIL, COBIT, digitalization, and agile methodology.

Ferry-Michael Brendgens, M.Sc. Associate Business Consultant, msg systems ag Munich, completed his Master’s degree last year before joining msg group as Scrum Master in the area of Automotive. He is specialized in agile practices and software development and is working on a doctoral degree on how to transform traditional organizations towards agility.

Leonie Knoche, BBA in Global Project and Change Management. In June 2020, Leonie finished her Bachelor's degree at the Windesheim Honours College in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Now, she is back in her home town Dortmund to start her European Master in Project Management. In the past, she has been working on projects for international and local NGOs with a sustainable and social focus. She also represented the Netherlands in the IPMA young crew championship 2019.

Important information about the seminar

30 November 2020 (11/30/2020)
9:45 am - 05:00 pm

The event will be held online, in english, as a ZOOM meeting.
Participants should have at least 3 years’ experience as project manager or project team member.

The event can be used for GPM re-certification.


9:45 am - 05:00 pm
Online by RG Dortmund/Ruhrgebiet

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